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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
China National Convention Center Grand Hotel, Он расположен рядом с галереей национального конференц - центра, пешком можно добраться до птичьего гнезда, водного Куба, Национального спортивного стадиона, недалеко от Олимпийского парка линии 8 метро.
Он был информационным центром во время Олимпийских игр в пекине.в номере есть все необходимое, есть все необходимое.вид на землю, чтобы увидеть окна и стать одним из ярких пятна во всем здании отеля, можно увидеть красоту пекинского города, олимпийский парк полностью закрыть глаза.в гостинице есть кафе, столовая, столовая, Холл, чай, фитнес, салон красоты и сувенирный магазин - все необходимое для того, чтобы вы приобрели другой стиль жизни в быстро урбанизирующемся мире!
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Вопросы и ответы
  • Как далеко этот отель от Capital Airport Beijing?

    China National Convention Center Grand Hotel 18.6km от аэропорта.

  • Предоставляет ли China National Convention Center Grand Hotel услугу трансфера?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами после бронирования.

  • Какое время заезда и выезда в China National Convention Center Grand Hotel?

    Время заезда: с 14:00, а время выезда: до 12:00 в China National Convention Center Grand Hotel.

  • Есть ли в China National Convention Center Grand Hotel бассейн и Занятия по фитнесу ?

    Да. Информацию о бассейне и тренажерный зал и других удобствах вы найдете на этой странице.

  • Eсть ли China National Convention Center Grand Hotel ресторан?

    Да, вы можете поесть в отеле.

  • China National Convention Center Grand Hotel Есть ли широкополосный доступ или Wi-Fi?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками стойки регистрации отеля для уточнения деталей.

  • China National Convention Center Grand Hotel Вы принимаете предоплату?

    Примите, пожалуйста, отправьте ваш заказ, прежде чем связаться с нами.

  • China National Convention Center Grand Hotel Принимать оплату кредитной картой?

    Нет, отель не принимает кредитные карты.

  • Сколько стоит завтрак для China National Convention Center Grand Hotel?

    завтрак CNY150 / чел.

  • Сколько стоит проживаниe China National Convention Center Grand Hotel?

    Цены начинаются с CNY1188, в зависимости от типа номера и даты.

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  • wbcc8248041
    As early as 200, I said I didn't understand
  • insder
    The price is too expensive, the facilities are relatively simple and old
  • lucas9394
    It's so close to the conference center. It's good
  • lxjpxl
    Participating in the National Convention Center conference can be recommended between intercontinental and Convention Center hotels, which can be selected according to the price.
  • bobomaer
    It's worth recommending. The conditions are good
  • wangbin008
    The service of the hotel is very poor. The design of the hotel facilities is not good
  • etin330
    The attitude of the reservation department is very bad. Asking for a confirmation number is like asking her to die. I've ordered so many hotels for my boss. I've never met this situation before. I won't choose such a hotel if I don't have to!
  • e00008068
    Very good, the service was also excellent
  • beastlf
    The hotel we stayed in during the exhibition has very good facilities and environment. The location is very close to the exhibition hall. The service attitude of the waiters is OK. I guess it depends on people.
  • fangfang1981
    The conference hotel must stay, and the environment is good.
  • bobol
    The environment is good at night, sanitary and clean, very close to the subway station.
  • e02174846
    Clean, quiet. Nice pool
  • rose1972
    The meal delivery service is very good, the meeting is very convenient, and it is close to the subway entrance
  • li2600
    not bad
  • d01745769
    Clean, nice and well located if going to expo center
  • dt700805
    The meeting is convenient
  • tt007
    very good
  • tdw524
    I found a temporary place to stay in the evening. There was no special place or disappointment in the conference hotel
  • Catily
    Continued as required, very good
  • jxcdgirl
    Our way of life! My way of life! Your way of life!
  • e02389441
    In fact, I think it's average. The room is a little old, and the service is not good. The main reason is that there are official business nearby, because it's convenient to be near the water cube. But from the perspective of cost performance, it's average
  • syxc2008
    Nice place for evening walk in the park
  • goddess
    Good quality, good service, acceptable price
  • iswylee
    Forget to close the window noisy, early varieties less
  • lw1650
  • bluebull
    Good, good. Go to the bird's nest to watch the program and run Orson in the morning
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's next to the bird's nest and water cube. The transportation is very convenient, the hotel facilities are standard, and the service is also very good. Like one.
  • ordnung
    Near the bird's nest, the hotel is pretty good
  • gajimmy
    Beijing is really too big. I'm worried about traffic jams when I meet my friends. There are too many people on the subway. It's a hotel with high cost performance. I really like it.
  • lucy9696
    not bad
  • alongg
    It is close to the Convention and Exhibition Center, and the environment is acceptable.
    It's very close to the conference center, very convenient, and the hotel facilities are OK!
  • draigteine
    Very good. I feel very comfortable. It's quite convenient to travel
  • a776655
    I stayed here several times, but this time I was in a tight room. I only reserved for 2 nights. On the third day, I moved to the hotel next to the subway on Anli Road, which was very convenient.
  • carol_lv
    Good view. The front desk service is friendly. Be considerate of the guests. The room is clean, but the bathroom is a little tight. The doorman didn't say hello, no expression!
  • e01180963
    The environment and facilities are very good
  • jilingivy
    The hotel has superior location, convenient transportation, quiet in noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiter is very friendly and will check in next time.
  • asmc279
    The environment is very good!
  • angleliao
    Okay? Good place good place
  • e04997631
    Very good service. Upgrade to the executive floor and deliver fruit
  • arfull
    It's really good. Although it's four stars, it's no worse than the five stars next to it. It's too cost-effective
  • iceorange9
    The environment is very good and suitable for business trips
  • dragonbo
    The room is very big. The only bad thing is that they take a bath and take a bath together. They don't feel very clean. Everything else is very good.
  • lovegdf
    Take the kids to the science museum and choose to live here. There was no place to eat around, so I chose the hotel restaurant. To tell you the truth, it's not delicious, including breakfast, which is too general. Regular hotels may be suitable for meetings and business trips, but not for parent-child travel.
  • batutu1358
    Good location, that's all. Low cost performance
  • gaojieyuying
    All aspects of environmental sanitation were pretty good, the service was also pretty good
  • E00738513
    Not bad, very clean, very close to the Olympic Park.
  • liang_c
    Everything is good, but the price is high
  • gps_07
    Very good. I like it here very much. I will stay here when I go to Beijing in the future!
  • Aitai
    It's good. It's almost as expected. The environment is good and the facilities are good. It's worth it
  • AdeleFang
    In the evening, I went to the restaurant to eat. I ordered dumplings filled with scallion and pig meat for my baby. As soon as I ate them, I knew they were quick-frozen dumplings in the supermarket, and I had to pay 68 yuan a share. Saliva chicken is also terrible!
  • E01026071
    The location of the hotel is good. It is very convenient from the airport to the hotel and has good hardware facilities.
  • jasonlins
    I ordered it for others. Overall, I felt it was good
  • double2sy
    Very good in every respect, good value for money.
  • Patsy1412
  • xiaomingyu
    Not a word..
  • ily118
    It has been reserved several times. The location is very close to the International Conference Center. I have to stay here for every meeting. I have also reserved many times for my friends, but it is not easy to book the room for every exhibition.
  • lm_leeming
    The location is quiet. There are bird's nest, water cube and subway station nearby. The service personnel are very friendly, attentive and value for money experience! I will choose next time.
  • sindyweb
    Good service, big room.