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Hand in hand with big hands for environmental protection-National Convention Center's 8th Family Day plogging charity trip

Date: 2021-01-04

Late autumn in Beijing, the sky is clear. The 8th Family Day of the National Convention Center was held in the Olympic Forest Park on October 24. The family day event with the theme of "Starting with "Benefit", "Steps" Ordinary-National Convention Center plogging Public Welfare Tour" attracted more than 100 employees and their families. The activity aims to be healthy physically and mentally, but also to contribute to environmental protection.
    During the activity, the host introduced the meaning of the theme of this activity "jogging + picking up rubbish", picking up all kinds of rubbish while jogging, exercise while improving the environment. In order to make the Family Day activities more interesting, this event includes four links: interactive Q&A on garbage sorting, on-site interviews with "Environmental Protection Masters", plogging charity run, and "Patification for Charity".
    Interesting interactive Q&A
    The activity specially set up the garbage classification related knowledge presentation and interactive question and answer session. The children were enthusiastic and confident, actively speaking and answering questions. Through the activities, the children further understand the relationship between garbage classification and our lives, know the method of garbage classification, and use practical actions to drive the people around them.
    On-site interview "Environmental Protection Master"
    Many children accepted interviews on environmental protection topics. What is environmental protection? The kids say this:
   "Dad used to smoke, but now he doesn't smoke. This is an environmental behavior!"
   "The protection of the environment is a major issue, and garbage classification is very important. We must participate in garbage classification to protect the earth."
   "Hazardous garbage must be distinguished, it is the greatest environmental pollution!"
   "If we classify garbage into different categories, sanitation workers will save energy, make it more convenient, and protect the environment."
   "The sky is blue and the grass is green, which is environmental protection."
   "Participating in today's charity run, I discovered that charity can be so meaningful, and sports can be so interesting!"
   Selection of "Public Welfare"
    At the same time as the Family Day event, the National Convention Center Trade Union launched the "Public Charity" event. Regardless of any outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, night running, city running, camping, etc.... Take the most beautiful moments with your mobile phone. Practicing the spirit of environmental protection in life, let the spirit of public welfare continue.
    As one of the important activities of the National Convention Center to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the annual Family Day event has become a beautiful brand of cultural activities for the company, which has promoted the emotional exchanges between the company, employees and family members, and deepened understanding and support Enhance the sense of belonging of employees and enhance the cohesion of the company. In the future, the National Convention Center will continue to carry out more colorful family day activities, so that more employees will feel the strong atmosphere of the congressional family working together and forging ahead in solidarity, and make new contributions to the development of the enterprise.