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Beijing suburbs recovery reservation swim recovery trends of home stay facility

Date: 2020-07-06

As Beijing multiple cut risk control level, Beijing suburbs tourism began to recovery.On July 5, several commercial daily reporter, head of the home stay facility to Beijing, the home stay facility has gradually begun to recover this weekend to accept reservations, and part of the book is full of home stay facility.In addition, some of the Beijing suburbs tourism product searches are rising.The personage inside course of study is expected, the next with the arrival of summer, Beijing suburbs tourism is expected to recover. Huairou has the hospital, said an official with the home stay facility he ran home stay facility since Friday to accept reservations, guest room full of this weekend.From the current situation to see recovery effect is good.But at present, the Beijing suburbs home stay facility can only receive tourists low risk areas.It is reported that the home stay facility temporarily stopped receiving guests in the middle of June.In addition, Beijing huairou's lotus court have fun doing it, founder of the home stay facility also told Beijing business newspaper reporters, the management of home stay facility also has returned to booking, guests come to also began to increase, the occupancy rate is around 80% of a home stay facility by the end of this week.It is reported that the home stay facility in Beijing several projects with a total of 200-300 rooms. At the same time, Beijing business newspaper reporter also learned that a lot of tourists to Beijing suburbs resort hotel inquiries also on the rise.Visitors, said Ms. Hu has recently been focused on the gulf coast hotel Beijing children's amusement facilities when opened, hoping to take children to on the weekend.In addition, Beijing business newspaper reporter also learned that the end of this week including Beijing sunrise east kempinski hotel occupancy rate is also improved.Ctrip has said, as Beijing the epidemic situation of stability, also gradually restore the confidence of the travel, passengers Beijing local tourism market is positive.Data show that at present, Beijing has over 100 scenic spots open and available on ctrip booking tickets, popular scenic spots including badaling Great Wall, Beijing world park, Beijing wildlife park, park gubei water town, the old Summer Palace, mutianyu Great Wall, the world park, etc.In addition, according to the ctrip data also showed that out of Beijing in Beijing announced that low risk area personnel without nucleic acid proof, ctrip platform on vacation, air tickets, tickets for scenic spots and so on various search volume of rapidly rising.Related tourism products is the same yesterday, Beijing time instantaneous comprehensive search volume increased by 100%. Cyts Tours travel market development group general manager assistant Feng Rebin introduction, Beijing's tourism market is still in a relatively stable state, the current cyts Tours travel has restored some day tour product, but on the whole, when the passenger flow can rapid growth is not yet clear, "on the one hand, affected by the epidemic, the current Beijing tourists travel is still relatively cautious, on the other hand for main travel community parent-child family, recent sweltering exam superposition of relatively concentrated, much rain, travel may also not a very strong demand."Feng Rebin, however, is put forward, with the epidemic situation gradually improved, the mid-july market is expected to appear obvious signs of recovery, related products supply will be gradually enriched. Ctrip issued "in the second half of the tourism will report" shows, in the second half of this year, 82.6% of respondents have willingness to travel, the current Chinese travel intentions are improved, consumers are willing to spend more time and cost on the holidays.Obviously it for the present tourist enterprise and practitioners, is a exciting news.Huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist at Zhao Huanyan said, summer is the peak tourist season, if the next pandemic, next, Beijing suburbs tourism market is expected to recover, the Beijing suburbs accommodation enterprises can also ease the tight cash flow of opportunity.